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19. Juli 2008

Editing MP3-Tags: It’s a Jungle

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It’s time to resort my gigantic mp3 collection (of about 100GB), so I have to find a tag program that fits my needs.

What I wish to have:

  • as much automatized as possible, as intelligent as possible
  • good handling of big archives and a lot of files
  • searching and comparing for duplicates (indeed, this can be a own app)
  • getting album arts from where ever they could be get (amazon as custom sites)

Unfortunately there are so many mp3 tag applications out there, but the most of them aren’t really good. So the first step is to find out which tagger is good and which fits my needs. I got the following suggestions:

  • mp3tag (win)
  • mediamonkey (player with library and good tag features, win)
  • easytag (linux)
  • picard (linux) (looks much better than half a year ago): Missing: Genre (wtf), Albumartist or Composer
  • Magic MP3
  • kid3 (linux) too bad
  • cowbell (linux) too less options

more to come


  • gnormalizer (linux)
  • EAC (windows)

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