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18. Juli 2008

Howto: Connect to SSH Server without entering Password or Passphrase

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Here is assumed that client and server username is the same.

Generate a public/private key on the server machine in ~/.ssh/laptop & Generate a public/private key on the client machine in ~/.ssh/laptop

ssh-keygen -t dsa -f ~/.ssh/laptop
scp ~/.ssh/ $USER@

Create the folder ‘.ssh’ if it doesn’t exist and configure the public key to OpenSSH’s liking

ssh $USER@ 
if [ ! -d .ssh ]; then mkdir .ssh ; chmod 700 .ssh ; fi ; mv .ssh/ ; cd .ssh/ ; if [ ! -f authorized_keys ]; then touch authorized_keys ; chmod 600 authorized_keys ; fi ; cat >> authorized_keys ; rm;

Test if you can connect without being prompted for a password, but you should have to enter the passphrase

ssh -i ~/.ssh/laptop $USER@

Add passphrase to ssh-agent:

ssh-add .ssh/latop

Manually Rsync via SSH

rsync -avrz   $USER@laptop:~/ .

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